Homeless Action Committee


Sleep-a-thon Report

HACís Sixteenth Annual Sleep-a-thon was a tremendous success! This yearís Sleep-a-thon had a record number of participants- 180 people attended! It turned out to be a very warm night for early March, which helped. A total of 10-15 people stayed out all night.

Thanks to everyone who participated and donated, we have raised $18,654 thus far from this event. If all outstanding pledges of $1,210 come in, our total raised will be $19,864. We beat last yearís total raised of $16,485! Our fundraising goal for this event was $20,000. After the event, we usually receive additional pledges from participants as well as other donations from supporters on our mailing list. Hopefully, we will meet our goal of $20,000 in the next couple of months. This will assist in helping to meet our budget gap for 2009. HAC's 2009 budget calls for raising $75,000 in donations, an overwhelming burden for a non-profit organization. This year, we are especially concerned about NYS budget cuts that will impact our housing program. Thank you to everyone who signed a letter to your Assemblyman/Senator at the event! Over 100 people did so and all letters have been mailed out.

As you may know, this yearís Sleep-a-thon was full of energetic people, all uniting for a common goal of helping people who are homeless. Signs were held to oncoming traffic, horns honked in unison in support, and an amazing $1,900 was collected from the traffic alone! A special thanks to everyone who helped to collect this money. The event was covered by Capital News 9 & Channel 13. I would also like to thank musician Frank Jakliitsch who entertained the crowd with great music!

Participants at the Sleep-a-thon included the following individuals/groups:

The participants who raised the most pledges this year were as follows: Maryanne Schrank at $1,403, Andrew Harvey, at $1,335, Chris Chale at $1,100, Sean Moran at $750, Dan Wilcox at $685, and Debi Dennis at $648. Andrew has been our top fundraiser at this event for many years and usually brings in over $1,000 every year! Several individuals who were not able to attend, also raised pledges for HAC.

Videos from this year's event

Sleep-A-Thon 2009 Number: 1

SUNY Sorority & Registration Table

Sleep-A-Thon 2009 Number: 6

Home Sweet Home Cardboard Box

Sleep-A-Thon 2009 Number: 8

Rally Announcement - Sean Moran

Sleep-A-Thon 2009 Number: 10

HAC Speaker - Julie Ramos
Discussing NYS Budget Cuts